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Unlimited podcast hosting

We have no limit to the amount of audio files you can upload to your podcast every month. Our unlimited podcast hosting plans begin at just $9 for a single show.

Advanced podcast sharing

Create bite-sized clips of your podcast episodes using the editor built into our podcast hosting. Then share your podcast clips seamlessly across social media.

Monetize your podcast

Making money off your podcast is easy - we use the biggest on-demand audio ad platforms to ensure you earn the most from your podcasts and audience.

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Track podcast reviews

We automatically fetch reviews from every iTunes country in the world so you can see all the reviews of your podcast from listeners around the world and share the best ones with your fans.

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Comprehensive analytics

The complete picture of who your audience is and how they are responding to content is presented in one live insightful dashboard.

View your download numbers, listener geography, devices, apps and even podcast subscriber numbers.

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