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Flexible advertising solutions

Dynamic & targeted ad insertion

Unique audio ads for each listener can be dynamically inserted into your episodes as pre-roll, post-roll and even mid-roll by placing ad markers using our web audio editor. Omny Studio integrates with the leading audio ad platforms and exchanges to enable comprehensive campaign and targeting management.

Native host-read commercials

Monetize without breaking the intimacy and flow of your shows with a script read or ad-libbed endorsement. Omny Studio integrates with network partners that can help connect you with premium advertisers.

Sponsored content

Leverage your existing brand, reach, personalities and production capabilities to develop and publish custom shows commissioned by advertisers.

Video ads for embeds

Deliver engaging video advertising for listeners on your website using our embeddable player. Omny Studio can connect to popular video ad servers and tap into existing video ad inventory.

Opportunities at every scale

Turn-key programmatic ads

Monetize without any effort. Take advantage of one of the world’s premium audio ad exchanges with professionally produced and location-targeted spots.

Ad networks

Enlist the support of a podcast advertising network partner who can help match your audience with the right advertisers.

Direct ad sales

Harness the power of your existing sales force and inventory to sell and manage advertising directly into your podcast without a middle-man.

Supported advertising technologies & partners

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